FLOTSAM & JETSAM: Tales from the Attic

Thursday, June 06, 2024

Tales from the Attic


Our most notorious party 

I quit 


Five years of failure

What's a humanities?

My brief career as a poet

How to keep people going to a museum


The hooligan navy at sea

The hooligan navy in St. Louis


A different cop story

A Capitol Police story from a happier time


Love of trains 


Capitol Hill in the 1960s

Covering the Capital in the 1960s & 1970s 

Getting started in civil rights

DC Links

Big Sky

Rappahanock County 

Returning to DC  

Graduation speech


Capitol Hill in the 1960s

Covering DC in the 1960s & 1970s

Getting started in journalism

Radio news in the 1950s

Learning from Texas liberals

Mark Russell, Sid Yudain and your editor

How I almost went to work for the National Enquirer

Fifty years of journalism

A restaurant review

Driving an Isetta

Smackdown with Bill O'Reilly

A Labor Day admission



A 50th Harvard college reunion report

Pumping iron

Propert attire

Places I owned for awhile


Playing with George James

Music, my hidden college major 


Learning an American story

My introduction to politics

 My brief moments with the Kennedy story

Eugene McCarthy: Notes on a napkin

If Trump was a drug

A preface to change 


Mr first home


Jackson Elementary School 

My first murder

Growing up part Jewish

Things my father never told me


Learning sailboat racing

A teen age journalist

Reaching teenhood in Philly

Dowsing with Henry Gross

Learning from the Quakers

Anthropology: Learning about people

Boy Scouts and mature voices

Magna Cum Probation 

Adams A-36

60 Years ago: Harvard and me

Fixing the bells of St. Paul

The forgotten war that I remember

A 50th Harvard college reunion report

How I became a suspect


Why bad words aren't the problem

My short career as a poet

The missing predicate in my life