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Monday, May 20, 2013

From our overstocked archives: Notice

Progressive Review, 2000 - The Review intends to resist as long as possible the unruly and repugnant trend towards Germanization and cyberization of the English language. If for no other reason than it makes spell-checking more tedious, TPR will continue to frown upon compound words and excessive capitalization (especially in the middle of words).

TPR believes, as a rule, that only something one might expect find in a telephone book, on a door or a map, or in a bibliography or discography, should be capitalized and that proper spacing must be maintained or we willsoonfindourselvesreadingsomethinglikethis. 

Even at the risk of offending corporate lawyers and public relations departments TPR will, wherever possible, translate such words back into English. It will also continue to regard the ugly and ubiquitous appendage known as "dot com" as the moral equivalent of "Inc." or "Ph.D." or "Esq." and will excise it for other than ironic purposes.